Success Stories

"I had been in a car accident and was in a lot of pain. Now, I am feeling better every day. After having great results myself, I started my children on chiropractic care. The biggest success is my daughter who was being watched by her pediatrician for Scoliosis. She now has a straight spine and her posture looks fantastic." - Kelle

"After 7 years of not really being able to sit down for more than about 10 minutes at a time without agonizing pain, I can finally sit for about 40 minutes, or so, continually. This change only came about after having received NRC treatments. Now I am looking forward to finding out how far my progress and healing will go! 
I should add that I have been getting chiropractic treatments every week for all these years and that during this time, I have gotten in multiple other car accidents. So, for me the healing has been very tough because of repeated re-injuries. I have many major issues going on, but sitting for a longer period of time makes it so I can now work full time and have a more normal life. I'm even working out a couple times a week, albeit gently. One step at a time, but I owe this miraculous change to Dr. Rebman and NRC. Of that I'm certain. I call it the latest miracle in my healing process!

Thank you, Dr. Rebman. " - Amanda, KCMO

"Since coming for NRC treatments I have noticed changes in my hands, shoulder and leg (more mobility and increased musculature). I have been more relaxed and sleeping better. Things are starting to move better. I hope to get stronger and not be stiff." - Allan (after 1 month of NRC treatment.)

Allan was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and Lyme Disease in 2009.

"I had severe back pain radiating to my hips along with shoulder and neck pain. I have occasional numbness in my fingers and around my mouth. Sometimes, I have brief sharp, shooting pain in my left leg and it has even given out at times. My body has never felt straight. I've always felt tilted to one side. When I'm sitting straight, my head would sometimes jerk to one side. I had the feeling that my brain has "misfired." My joints were stiff, especially in the morning. My hand writing was jittery and I had the "fly-a-ways". Now, my back pain is almost gone. The pain in my hips, shoulder, and neck is doing better. I have not experienced numbness or shooting pain in my leg. I feel like my body is getting straighter, not as tilted. There is no more jerking motions of my head. The stiffness of my joints in the morning has decreased and my handwriting has improved. I also feel calmer. Overall, the improvement I've made in a relatively short time is remarkable." - Rita

"My wife has had fibromyalgia for 15 years and she was in extreme pain most of the time. We were introduced to Dr. Victoria Rebman at a fibromyalgia meeting and one trip to her office relieved the pain considerably. We have been seeing Dr. Rebman for some 8 weeks now for 3 times a week and her pain is practically gone. We highly recommend her to anyone with pain. We intend to continue to see her for some time. It's very good to see my wife enjoying a pain free life. Thank you Dr. Rebman." - Don, husband of MaryAnn

For starters, the reality that I didn't want to face and have others feel bad about was... Headaches. Sometimes excruciating! Then aside from these, I started getting bizarre and more bizarre symptoms... at times feeling like I was going Crazy!  I would be standing and feel like a wave picked me up and brought me back down, having a hard time catching my balance; My whole body would vibrate and hum for a couple of hours and stop suddenly; one hand and forearm would be ice cold and the other hot; Sitting at my computer, I felt as though I had jumped into a body of water without plugging my nose and proceeded to get the burning sensation, first up my nose, then in my eyes, then in My forehead, to the back of my head and then resting in my shoulders for hours and then in an Instant gone, like it never happened; I would see flashing lights that weren't there - the list seems endless. 

My doctor prescribed Lyrica and it has a lot of the same side effects as the Gabapentin I took that took me 16 weeks to get off of and I didn't want to go through that again.  I even looked into the laws of Marijuana in Minnesota - I wanted something that wasn't going to mess me up, more than I already was, but honestly I didn't want to live in that fog either. 

I looked on the internet and all the types of Fibromyalgia and all the treatments and felt completely overwhelmed. I was afraid of not ever getting better. I was waking up every day trying to stay positive for Me, For My Husband My Pups, My Family, My Friends.... 

I decided to ask a friend of mine, , that I have known since kindergarten. I hadn't spoke to her in 25 years. She not only knew about Fibromyalgia, but had it pretty bad as well. 

She explained that you can get Fibromyalgia 3 ways as well as it being a co-disease.  Well, I had all three... Trauma, as in an accident (I've had many, since moving to Minnesota in 98) and Trauma, from a surgery (I've had a few of those too) and lastly Stress, from pushing yourself too hard...Let's see...Me, me, me, me, me.   

She explained that it doesn't get better.  And Studies show that Fibromyalgia individuals have a high sucidal rate, that a lot of them wind up in Looney Bins because the doctors have exhausted being able to help them with all their strange symptoms and if all goes well and these things do not happen to them... They have a 40% chance of getting cancer because of all of the acidity going on in their bodies and usually pass on at a younger age. 

I know that all sounds grim, but it will have a happy ending, bare with me.  Well, she underwent a new treatment and said she felt like a new person, that she has to maintain it, but has basically a pretty awesome life now.  She feels like a whole new person.  She is a chiropractic doctor and learned the technique, and is now a Master Trainer. She offered to help me.  She told me, all I needed to do, was to come to her and give her 2 and a half months of my time.  I tried all the excuses about work and my husband, Kevin and my Siberian Husky, Jax and my responsibilities and she explained that it will never be a "Good Time" and I was only getting worse.  I told her I would talk to my parents, because I work for my Dad, and Kevin and I would get back to her, in a couple of days. 

I got off the phone and I was Bawling!  Mainly because someone finally understood what I was going through.  She was describing all of my symptoms.  Anyway, I didn't have to say much and Mom, Dad and Kevin were on board.  They all wanted me back. To tell you the truth, I didn't know if I knew what my normal was anymore, But, I was excited to find out! 

I was in Treatment for 10 and a half weeks and I am not the same person who walked into Dr. Faith's Office.   5-6 pain level in 2 weeks.  In another 2 weeks, I was down to a 2-3.   

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it has made in my Quality of Life and How much I want everyone to know the difference it can make in theirs. I finally have My Life Back!   

I run into people every day that are suffering from pain/ailments and I am excited to tell my Story, to spread the news so that many people can be feeling as good as I am.  I want anybody and everybody that has Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, Parkinson's, Arthritis...Basically anyone who has a Neurological Disorder to know about NRCT (Neurological Relief Center Technique).  My Thought is, You may have a life sentence of Fibromyalgia or some Disease/Disorder, but You can live a life without all the Pain and Co-Issues and without being on all those Meds!   

I used to take Muscle Relaxers, Pain Killers, Fiber (for awful IBS), aspirin (for fear of a stroke or heart attack), Sleeping Pills.....I even used to use a C-Pap machine, I don't take anything but my Thyroid Medication now and I feel Terrific!

This Treatment is not just beneficial to You, but to those that You Love! The process starts with Testing - And then Treatment to being the Best You! Then, Living your life with little stress and taking care of yourself,... all you'll need is maintenance. 

I currently go to Dr. Paul Shogren in Moorhead, Minnesota for maintenance and he is Incredible. I go get an adjustment from him every two weeks because of my stressful lifestyle. I would go every week if it wasn't for the distance. I love the way it makes me feel! I feel Taller, Lighter, My mind feels clearer, My senses are Heightened ~I Feel Incredible! And as the say with anything in Life, Maintenance is Key!

It is an Amazing Thing! Get Your Life Back! You are too Incredible of a person and Life is too Amazing, not to be living your life to the Fullest!

Take Care of Yourself, 
Many Hugs, Diane

I first hurt my back when I was 14 years old in high school gym class. In my 40's, I sought chiropractic care and had seen several different chiropractors before coming to Dr. Rebman. My daughter had been receiving treatment and was very pleased. At the time I started treatment with Dr. Rebman, my right shoulder area was highly irritated and I was in pain. My medical doctor had me have an MRI, which did not disclose any reason for the intense pain I had. My M.D. also prescribed physical therapy. I had 12 sessions, but did not accomplish my goal of being pain free and to be able to hook my bra in the back.

Obviously, I am a much happier person not being in constant pain! Exercise, the occasional massage, and, of course, regular adjustments keep me feeling well and energized. 

I fell whan I was a child and it caught up with me. I was to a point that I could hardley get off of the floor. Chiropractic care keeps me moving so I can do things without hurting all of the time. I am also healthier. I've been able to fight off colds and the flu. I am hardly ever sick, which is good because I don't have the time to be down.      -Patti

My father saw a chiropractor weekly. I had not. I injured my back in a yoga class and thought I'd give it a try. I googled it and found your site. I enjoy my weekly visits with the staff and the welcoming environment as much as the treatments.  

I had bad whiplash and after trying therapy, which didn't help much, I came hoping chirporactic would work. I've been there ever since. I have an answer to my pain and discomfort I go through every day. It keeps my back in line going twice a week. I live much better. 

Due to various medical problems and not seeming to respond to regular doctor visits, I decided to explore a more holistic way to feel better with less prescriptions and more self care. The adjustments allowed for the body to use the powers it has to heal itself with little help. It keeps me mindful of the fact that your body talks to you and you need to listen to further help itself. 

My daughter received her first adjustment when she was three weeks old, and has had them regularly for over a year and a half.  She is a happier, healthier baby because of chiropractic care.  She has not been sick or had a cold to date.  She sleeps well and has regular bowel movements thanks to Dr. Rebman.  She is learning at an early age that your body can tell you when it doesn't feel right.  She often races me to the table to get her adjustment before mine, and who can blame her!  Thanks for helping me raise a healthy family. 

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