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Comprehensive Services by Our Overland Park Chiropractor

The team at Tallgrass Chiropractic pledges to provide our patients with services as natural as they are effective. Overland Park chiropractor Dr. Victoria Rebman has decades of experience customizing and implementing plans of care using a variety of non-invasive, pharma-free services. 

Dr. Rebman talking to a patient about spinal care.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care includes adjustments, non-surgical spinal decompression (traction), and soft tissue mobilization techniques that improve your body's overall function. By addressing spinal misalignments and imbalances, Dr. Rebman alleviates strain on your nervous system, restores normal spine motion, and triggers pain relief by "resetting" joint nociceptors (which process pain sensation) and stimulating the release of natural pain-relievers. 

Corrective Exercises

We expect our patients to participate actively in their recovery from conditions ranging from back pain to headaches to sports injury. That's why corrective exercises—individually prescribed to heal tissue, improve strength or endurance, and/or improve motor control—are so crucial and effective. We also offer a evidence-based lumbar stabilization program that can drastically maximize your core strength and integrity. 

Lifestyle Advice

What habits, situations, or conditions in your life are holding you back from optimal expression of health? Dr. Rebman can help you tease this out through compassionate lifestyle guidance. She advises her patients on everything from getting better sleep, to improving stress management strategies, and getting more physical exercise. 

Nutritional Counseling

Getting your nutrition in line is top priority when it comes to recovering from an injury, managing a disease, preventing disease or illness, and fulfilling your physical potential. Dr. Rebman can help you work through the conflicting hype about nutrition so you can find the perfect food plan fitting your lifestyle, body, and health needs, while also empowering you to achieve a healthier relationship with food. For extra help ridding your body of toxins and jump-starting a sustainable weight loss journey, we also offer purification and detox program. 

Massage Therapy

Massage is so much more than a luxury. When used in conjunction with our other services, it can accelerate healing by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, increasing lymphatic and blood circulation, reducing swelling, and relieving pain. 

Spinal & Postural Screens

Have you ever wondered what your posture looks like while driving, sitting at work, or using your cell phone? Our Overland Park chiropractor can help you identify hidden imbalances and stress points in your posture so you can optimize the alignment of your "kinetic chain" and alleviate underlying factors contributing to your dysfunction. 

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