Headache and Migraine Options

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Headaches are common conditions that occur in nine out of ten individuals. It manifests in different ways; some headaches are frequent, others occasional, some excruciating, some dull and some tag other symptoms such as nausea. We all attend to these migraines differently with some preferring to pop some pills while others rest.

But what if we told you that there is a better alternative?

Our chiropractic office can help.

How can a Chiropractor Help with Headaches?

Dr. Rebman is an expert in identifying if the source of your headache emanates from the nerves, bones or muscles in your body. She examines the condition of the spine to see if chiropractic care may help with headache. Also, through proper exercise and adjustments, Dr. Rebman may loosen tension in the head and neck to prevent head pains.

In some cases, spinal manipulation relieves pain in the head immediately through improving the spinal function. Using professional training and her clinical judgment, Dr. Rebman will advise patients on how to relieve recurring tension and pain in muscles found on the upper back and neck that are headache causes.

How can Bad Posture Cause Head Pains?

Poor postures and migraines are correlated. Slouching postures put pressure on the back and neck muscles. That unnecessary weight makes the muscles tight and pressured with less time to adapt to the constraint. This leads to complaints of headaches and pains, stiffness, and improper motion.

How can Stress Cause Migraine and Headaches?

When plans don’t go your way, you are likely to be stressed. Sometimes it’s the untimely occurrence of a difficult event or just a major change in your life. Your headache doctor can confirm that when one is stressed, the body retains tension that is applied to the neck, scalp and back muscles. Some people even clench their jaws and grind teeth. This kind of muscle stiffness causes compression extending to the forehead that triggers stress migraines.

How Can You Get Rid of Headache Pains?

  1. Apply heat or cold
    Place an ice pack covered in a towel on your forehead for the tension of head pain. Keep compressing the pack to your forehead for 15 minutes then rest to feel if it will ease off. If it doesn’t, turn to a hot pad covered in a towel and press to the forehead or neck. This should help with headache if the pain is mild.
  2. Practice the art of relaxation.
    Multiple ways have proven to help get rid of migraines through relaxation. Yoga, for example, helps individuals move to a state where they reduce stress naturally which helps in containing the migraines. Adequate sleep also loosens the tension in muscles to help with the pain. Mindful meditation or finding a quiet place to relax will oftentimes help reduce stress.
  3. Visit the chiropractor
    As earlier mentioned, doctors of Chiropractic specialize in relieving pain from muscles. Dr. Rebman examines your muscle and bone condition and ascertains that your migraines are tension related, your head pains can be contained through chiropractic care. Regular visits to the chiropractor may help in properly functioning the muscles eventually cutting down the re-occurrences of tension head pains.

Also, your headache doctor will advise you on drinking plenty of water, possibly posture corrections and more. However, changing one’s lifestyle is the start of eliminating recurring migraines. Look into changing bad habits that may trigger tension causing head pains for an improved quality of life.

If you want to get rid of migraines and headaches, give us a call here at our Overland Park office to set up your appointment to do a complete physical check of your head and neck condition to determine what could or may be causing such pain.

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