Corrective Exercises

Corrective Exercises at Tallgrass Chiropractic

Often, a patient will view chiropractic treatment as a success if the pain is reduced and range of motion improved.  At Tallgrass Chiropractic, we demand more.  Simply having the pain eliminated is not enough because symptoms will likely return.  By strengthening and stretching the areas surrounding the ailment through corrective exercises we can help to speed up recovery and prevent additional flare ups in the future.  Depending on the injury a prescribed regiment of exercises can last anywhere from a few months to a few years.

woman doing corrective exercise with a chiropractorAccelerate Recovery

When used in conjunction with chiropractic treatment research has shown that corrective exercise can help improve functionality while speeding up recovery time.  Through stretching and specific exercises the patient can help to rebuild the vital link between the mind and the body.  This connection helps the body learn how to coordinate the body's muscle groups again to achieve pain free movement.  Through stretching and strengthening the body is able to regain balance.

Common Exercises

The type of exercise recommended really depends on the condition.  The team at Tallgrass Chiropractic will carefully assess each patient and prescribe the best exercises for recovery.  Below are some of the more common conditions and the corrective exercises used to treat them.

Overworked Back - Sometimes a chiropractic condition is caused because the muscles surrounding the spine are overworked.  Continuing to work and strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine would only make matters worse.  For this, we suggest cardiovascular exercises targeted at strengthening the abdominal muscles supporting the spine.  This will help return balance to the spine.

Lumbar Spine Pain - Surprisingly, pain in the lumbar area can be caused by shortened hamstring muscles in the legs.  For this case stretching exercises are commonly used to reduce stress on the lumbar area.  Each patient is carefully prescribed specific stretches catered to his or her individual kinematics.

Excessive Muscle Tone - Abnormal posture can be due to excessive muscle tone in the back.  This can be from strain caused by sitting all day, having the arms extended to type on a computer, or cutting hair with the arms raised out in front of the body.  These abnormal postures can cause muscles to build up in a way that creates stress throughout the spine.  Simple corrective stretches performed throughout the day can help to eliminate pain and accelerate recovery.

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If you currently are experiencing pain or have had a history of chiropractic ailments returning after treatment contact the caring staff at Tallgrass Chiropractic.  Our dedicated team is willing to begin an evaluation and get you started with treatment and corrective exercises to accelerate recovery and prevent pain from returning.  Our office is conveniently located at 7108 W 119th St, Overland Park, KS, 66213.  Schedule an appointment today by calling (913) 648-8600.

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